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Wise Men Star

What Did The Wise Men See?

The Bible leaves tons of questions unanswered. For example… What was the family life of Jesus like growing up? Who were the “wise men” that are so often depicted in our nativity scenes today? What did Mary & Joseph do with all that frankincense and myrrh? (The gold makes sense.) How come we don’t hear

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Sunrise Over the Hills

How Do You View the Resurrection?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. I’ve known him for quite a while. He’s a spiritual guy and he’s a genuinely nice, caring and good person. I’m a bit ashamed to say, however, that I never really asked him about his perspective on spiritual stuff before even though I’ve been

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Eclipsing Faith

I set my alarm for 2AM so I could get up and see the full lunar eclipse the other night. I figure something that only happens once every several hundred years was worth a little sleep deprivation. With crystal clear skies here I wasn’t disappointed. It was a spectacular shift. As the Moon passed into

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Green Snake

Sin is NOT the Issue

There is this idea in the church that sin is what is keeping people away from God when the truth is sin was dealt with a couple thousand years ago. It’s no longer an issue. And yet there is a huge concept within much of Christianity that God is still angry about our sin today.

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