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Step 1 – Go To Your Email

We are sending you a confirmation email so that we can verify that it really was you who subscribed and not someone else who entered your address. It’s a double check to ensure we do not send spam emails to people unintentionally.

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When you open that email you should see a grey button that says, Yes, subscribe me to this list.

You must click that button IN YOUR EMAIL to receive the NewCREEations email newsletter and your complimentary copy of the How to Believe Your Way to Supernatural Faith eBook. This screenshot has a red arrow added to point to the button:

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Once you click that button that’s step 3 complete! Easy-peasy! Then we will send you another email so you can download the eBook.

Also we will send you periodic updates about once a month with special teachings and information about what God is doing through NewCREEations ministries.

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Additional Note For Gmail Users

Additionally, if you are using a Gmail address please note that our email will most likely be found under the Promotions tab in your main email box. That tab should be located on the right side of the top of you Gmail inbox per this screenshot:

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