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Welcome to NewCREEations! Our mission is to teach people what Jesus has done for them and help them grow in their God-given purpose so they can teach others what they’ve learned.

The Gospel really is good news. God is not mad at you. The Father poured all that judgement and anger out on Jesus at the cross and now there is none left for you. In fact, Jesus told us that now it’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you His Kingdom! If you are willing to humble yourself, accept what Jesus did for you, believe that He rose from the dead, and let Him direct your life, you can experience a new life enjoying God’s goodness, and everything He makes available in His Kingdom too.

Our teaching comes from the place where spirit and truth, grace and faith all intersect.

God called Lisa and I (Chris) to be missionaries in Scotland for a number of years. So you will see a ton of references to that great nation here on our site. He asked us to go to Scotland to open a new campus for Charis Bible College there.

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