NewCREEations Podcast

Think On These Things – Episode 26

The only way to break the worry cycle for good is to fill our minds with the things we should be thinking about. Let’s start exploring some of those things.

NewCREEations Podcast

Everything New – Episode 25

It’s important to remember that the big things in our lives are really just a sum of our faithfulness with all the little things along the way.

NewCREEations Podcast

Above Your Pay Grade – Episode 21

You were never meant to worry about things. Your body isn’t designed to cope with that. Fortunately the Bible has a solution so we now let go of worry!

NewCREEations Podcast

How Not to Worry – Episode 20

If you struggle with worry then Philippians chapter 4 is the place you want to go in the Bible. It lays out a process to eradicate worry from our lives completely.

NewCREEations Podcast

Practical Lesson in Not Worrying – Episode 19

Sometimes things go differently than we plan. Even when that happens we can trust God to sort out the details and turn our lemons into sweet lemonade. That’s a whole lot better than worrying about stuff.

NewCREEations Podcast

We Shouldn’t Worry – Episode 18

Worrying has massive negative affects on us physically and mentally with absolutely no positive benefits whatsoever. We need to stop the worry in our lives.

NewCREEations Podcast

Understanding the Heart – Episode 17

The word heart is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible. Yet most folks don’t really know what our heart is or why it’s so critical to success or failure in life.

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