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Psalms 100:2

Enter His Presence With Singing – Psalms 100:2

We are already seated with Him in heavenly places in our spirit as part of the New Covenant. Since we’re already in His presence we’ve already entered it. We live there! We just need to let that out from within our spirits so we can bring God’s presence to this hurting world.
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2 Timothy 2:6

The First to Enjoy the Harvest – 2 Timothy 2:6

Literally, the farmer must work before he can enjoy the harvest. You can’t have the glory unless you do the work. You must have your own personal revelation before you export it. A farmer doesn’t cram for a harvest like a student crams for a test.
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Proverbs 22:1

The Value of a Good Name – Proverbs 22:1

A reputation for honesty and integrity is ultimately far more valuable than any amount of money in your bank account. A wise person thinks about the long term effects of his decisions instead of the short term gain.
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