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God Does Not Cause Calamity – Episode 3

God does not bring bad things on us or cause calamity in our world today. He is not trying to teach us any lessons through suffering. God is indeed with you through the trial, but that does not mean he brought that trial onto you.

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Calamity Not From God Today Despite Isaiah 45:7

A while back I wrote an article explaining that God does not bring calamity. In response to that article, people keep bringing up Isaiah 45:7 over there in comments of that post. However it is a fair question because Isaiah 45:7 certainly appears to directly contradict what I’ve said in that article: I form the

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God Does NOT Bring Calamity

Far too often in Christian circles we hear things like, “God brought this [sickness / disease / tragedy / judgement] to teach me and grow me.” That’s a boat load of crap. You think that’s harsh? I’m sorry. But that’s what it is. God does NOT bring calamity on us. He is NOT judging us

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