Gabriel Natzel Art of Conversation video cover

Gabriel Natzel: The Art of Conversation

Conversation has been taken for granted and considered a natural and normal part of life but since the global lockdown, conversation has taken a backseat and the practice has been neglected. Gabriel Natzel joins host Chris Cree to talk about why the art of conversation is so important to us as believers in Jesus.

Gabriel's Gospel Grace - Sovereignty of God video cover

Gabriel’s Gospel Grace – Theology Thursday – Sovereignty of God

Join me on Gabriel’s Gospel Grace as we discuss Sovereignty of God. So many blame God for horrible evil without realizing He is not actively in control of everything. They often look to the book of Job to reinforce this view of God. Let’s look at what the Bible says about that and see if God really is in control.

Gabriel Natzel - New Vision Old Dreams video cover

Gabriel Natzel: Leadership – New Visions Cannot Fit Into Old Dreams

When God gives us a vision for an assignment, we do well to resist the temptation to adjust that vision to fit into the model of what we’ve already done before, or to fit the views, feelings, or exceptions of others. Gabriel Natzel joins host Chris Cree to discussion the importance of putting our faith in the Lord and looking to Him for leadership in the creation of that new vision.

Gabriel Natzel - Leaders being led video cover

Gabriel Natzel: Great Leaders Must Also Be Led

Bringing the vision God gave you to pass will require you to become the leader He made you to be. Many fail to appreciate the role submission plays in great leadership. Today Gabriel Natzel joins host Chris Cree to talk about leadership and what we can learn about the role submission plays from the lives of Jesus and other leaders in scripture.

Gabriel Natzel - Bold or Safe Ministry video cover

Gabriel Natzel: Safe or Bold Ministry?

Many Christians are faced with the temptation to play it safe and not take risks when it comes to sharing the love of God with others. Yet Jesus shows us the way to express His love with boldness. This week Gabriel Natzel joins host Chris Cree to share what that looks like for us today.

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