Theology Thursday - Covenant Promises of God video cover

Theology Thursday – Covenant Promises of God

Chris discusses the Covenants of God and how covenant makes a different in our lives. The First covenant was made with Noah and given the sign of the 7 colour Rainbow. The 2nd made with Abraham and then the 3rd with Moses and the Law. Then came the New covenant through Christ with the sign being that of communion (remembrance with shared meal).

Two's Day Marriage Covenant with Chris & Lisa Cree video cover

Two’s Day – Marriage Covenant with Chris & Lisa Cree

At a time when Marriage is being relegated to a piece of paper and the worlds media and entertainments industries celebrate everything that stands against the sanctity of marriage; the world is waking up to the truth that lust and passion do not compensate for the spiritual union ordained by God as a blessing in Holy matrimony.

Gabriel's Gospel Grace - Sovereignty of God video cover

Gabriel’s Gospel Grace – Theology Thursday – Sovereignty of God

Join me on Gabriel’s Gospel Grace as we discuss Sovereignty of God. So many blame God for horrible evil without realizing He is not actively in control of everything. They often look to the book of Job to reinforce this view of God. Let’s look at what the Bible says about that and see if God really is in control.

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