God Does Not Cause Tornadoes

It is amazing to me how many people believe God is responsible for everything that happens in our world, both good and bad. Every time some major natural disaster happens, such as the tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma this week, I see people accusing God of inflicting horrible tragedy on people. They don’t realize

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Pikes Peak at Dawn

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

My wife loves the Hallmark channel on TV because of all the feel-good movies they show. Even though I hate to admit it, I kind of like it too. It seems like they show non-stop Christmas movies all December long leading up to Christmas. Though I gotta say towards the end there I was getting

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Covenant People

My earlier post explaining that God does NOT bring calamity has stimulated some questions. That makes sense because it is a huge topic. Not only does it cover a wide ranging area, but is is also critical in understanding who God is and how we relate to Him. Today, in an effort to begin shedding

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Rescue Vehicles

God Does NOT Bring Calamity

Far too often in Christian circles we hear things like, “God brought this [sickness / disease / tragedy / judgement] to teach me and grow me.” That’s a boat load of crap. You think that’s harsh? I’m sorry. But that’s what it is. God does NOT bring calamity on us. He is NOT judging us

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Golden Calf

Idol Worship Affects Us All

The Old Testament is full of idol worship. It goes back to Genesis and seems to be a constant theme. When Jacob decided it was finally time to leave his swindling father-in-law, Rachel, one of Jacob’s wives, stole her father’s idols. After the Israelites were delivered from Egypt they panicked because Moses had been gone

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Capital Lightning

Authority, Power and Choices

I’m rereading The Believer’s Authority by Andrew Wommack. The book is subtitled “What you didn’t learn in church.” And that’s a pretty accurate description. At least it is in my case, anyway. Upsetting People This book upsets some folks. I suspect it is because people see what Wommack puts forth as somehow diminishing God. But

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Green Snake

Sin is NOT the Issue

There is this idea in the church that sin is what is keeping people away from God when the truth is sin was dealt with a couple thousand years ago. It’s no longer an issue. And yet there is a huge concept within much of Christianity that God is still angry about our sin today.

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