Lisa Mahan: Barriers Blocking Our Kingdom Growth video cover

Lisa Mahan: Barriers Blocking Our Kingdom Growth

There are a great many barriers to prevent us from stepping into the God-given vision we have for our lives. Yet one obstacle is the foundation the others are built on. This week Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree to talk about that big barrier and how to overcome it.

Grow in Favor video clip

Grow in Favor

The favor of God is powerful. His favor can make things easier for you to accomplish and make your life far more fruitful that anything you can accomplish on your own. So it’s good news that you have the capacity to grow in favor, just like Jesus did.

Grow in Grace video cover

Grow in Grace

Did you know that, as believers in Jesus, we can grow in grace? It’s true. In fact, the Bible instructs us to do that very thing. How do we do that? Let’s take a look.

Healthy Things Grow video cover

Healthy Things Grow

When something is healthy it will grow. That is part of how God hardwired the universe. Therefore, you can use that as one measure to test if a thing is healthy or not.

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