Lori Snyder - Power of Hope video cover

Lori Snyder: The Power of Hope – Key to a Thriving Life

The disappointments and challenges of life can be overwhelming and tempt us to despair. Hope in God’s promises sustains us during these times. This week Lori Snyder joins host Chris Cree to talk about the importance of hope and how it keeps us from feeling stuck, lost, or unable to find strength to trust God and move forward in faith.

Teresa Houghteling True Strength of the Believer video cover

Teresa Houghteling: True Strength of the Believer

Strength is important to believers as one of the weapons of our warfare. But what does that strength look like for us today? What does it mean to be “strong in the Lord” and how do we do it? This week Teresa Houghteling joins host Chris Cree as they talk about this important topic.

Hebrews 10:23

Hold Fast to His Faith – Hebrews 10:23

Jesus himself is faithful. Therefore when we have doubts or our hope isn’t yet fully formed faith, we can rely on His faith to sustain us as we grow and mature.

Proverbs 13:12

The Importance of Hope – Proverbs 13:12

Never discount hope. It is incredibly powerful and life-giving. You can literally kill a person by repeatedly dashing their hopes against the rocks of disappointment.

Fireworks and Hope on New Years Eve

Human Beings are Hardwired to Hope

You can’t spend much time on social media today, New Year’s Day, without seeing a flood of optimism. Between simple well wishes of a Happy New Year to statements of intent to change things for the better with new year resolutions, people from all walks of life are expressing hope that good things are coming

Hope Monkey's Fist

We Need True Hope

Hope is critically important to our lives. In fact hope may be the missing ingredient in your life you need to move forward and start walking in the victory the Bible promises for you. Paul said three things would last forever – faith, hope and love. (1 Corinthians 13:13) We hear a lot about faith

True Hope - Lighthouse at Sunrise

Biblical Hope – Vital In Ways You May Not Know

Hope is one of those words we tend to use rather flippantly these days. We might say, “I hope I win the lottery,” or “I hope I don’t get a speeding ticket.” Really what we’re saying is, “I wish I would win the lottery… But I know the odds are so far against it that

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