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Leesa Hamilton: The Gift of Free Will

The stories of our lives are in the process of being written today. The Bible tells us that the choices we make today will impact future generations in addition to our own destiny and quality of life. God is the Creator behind our storyline, but is He holding the pen, or did He give it to us?

Leesa Hamilton video cover

Leesa Hamilton: Equipping the Everyday Believer

Discipleship is key to us experiencing the overcoming victorious life described on the pages of the Bible. Unfortunately, this vital discipleship is too often sorely lacking. A big part of the problem is that few churches have the leadership structure laid out in scripture.

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Byron & Leesa Hamilton: Grace and Lawlessness

Join us for a special Two for Tuesday discussion this week as both Byron and Leesa Hamilton join host Chris Cree to talk about lawlessness, what it is, why it seems to be on the increase, and how the message of God’s unconditional love and grace factors in.

Leesa Hamilton video cover

Leesa Hamilton: The New Wineskin Church

Sometimes, as believers, the way we do things can change over time, even though the truth of the gospel remains unchanging. On our Two for Tuesday broadcast this week, Leesa Hamilton joins host Chris Cree to talk about how we come together as a local body of Christ, and ways that might be changing.

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