Lori Snyder - prosperous soul video cover

Lori Snyder: Soul Health Key to Thriving

The Bible connects our overall well being to the prospering of our soul. This week Lori Snyder is back with host Chris Cree to share the importance of addressing life’s disappointments, unmet expectations, and negative experiences with Kingdom mindsets because doing so enables our soul to truly prosper. Ultimately this unlocks true hope and healing in Jesus.

Diane Grubis - Thought About Being Rich video cover

Diane Grubis – Have You Thought About Being Rich?

Our minds are far more powerful than many folks appreciate. Our thoughts have a tremendous impact on the results we see in our lives. Diane Grubis joins host Chris Cree to talk about the power of our thinking as it relates to our finances.

Diane Grubis: Poverty vs. Prosperity Mindsets video cover

Diane Grubis: Poverty vs. Prosperity Mindsets

Jesus revealed a great many truths in His parable of the talents. This week Diane Grubis joins host Chris Cree to share what Jesus revealed about different mindsets in this parable.

Derelict Building

These 7 Poverty Pitfalls Prevent Prosperity

Do you know what causes poverty? Most people approach the question of poverty from a physical perspective and assume that lack is the cause of poverty. This view says that poverty is most often attributed to a lack of material things, a lack of education, a lack of opportunity, a lack of resources and space

Proverbs 10:22

True Wealth Comes From God – Proverbs 10:22

Since we are the blessed of the Lord, He makes us rich without sorrow. The Amplified Version adds, “neither does toil increase it.” No amount of hard work on our part will ever add to God’s blessing or make it any better.

Harvest Time

Jesus Provides Our Prosperity With Our Salvation

Many people struggle with the idea that part of what Jesus provided for believers on the cross is their own prosperity. A large swath of Christianity sees being poor somehow as more holy or spiritually superior to being wealthy. Often they can be quick to condemn any Christian who has more stuff than they feel

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