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What is Truth?

The question of truth is not just for obscure philosophers to kick around. Truth is important for all of us and affects our everyday lives.

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Cindy Carpenter: Delusion Proof

Deception is the single biggest weapon of the enemy. Fortunately, the Bible shows us how we can each be delusion proof in our walk with Jesus. This week Cindy Carpenter joins host Chris Cree as we talk about how you can make your life delusion proof.

Jesus is the Truth

Jesus is the Truth

Truth is an irresistibly powerful force that always rises to the surface. This is because truth is a person: Jesus. True freedom comes when we know Jesus and walk in His ways.

John 1:17

Grace and Truth in Jesus – John 1:17

Truth (the law) without grace can never work because our flesh is powerless to keep it. But Jesus provided the grace we needed to be able to live in truth.

Heated Arguement

Why Are Christians So Repulsive?

What is it that makes such a huge number of Christians so repulsive? Far too many Christians are mean, harsh, judgmental, and condemning to those around them. They can be downright cruel and come across heartless sometimes. It’s one thing for the message they carry to offend people. Unfortunately far too often the message of

Bible Sunrise

True Worship Needs Both Spirit and Truth

One fine day Jesus has an incredibly deep conversation with a woman beside a well. The conversation starts with talking about water – they are at a well, after all. Then it ranges through the woman’s own personal moral history before closing with something that is truly profound. Here is what Jesus says. But the

Truth Stone

What is Truth?

People have been asking the question, “What is truth?” for thousands of years. For some it’s just an interesting thing to ponder while other folks haven’t given it a moment’s thought. The thing is, finding truth, understanding it and applying it to your life with wisdom is huge and will go a long way towards

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