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How to See Many Amazing Names of God

Back in the Bible days a person’s name usually said something about that person’s character or destiny. This is why the many names of God are vitally important for us to see and understand. Each name of God reveals something about His character. At the same time, God’s names show us many different ways in

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The Heart of God

The heart of God towards you might shock you. God is neither angry nor disappointed with you. His heart is quite different as the Bible makes very clear.

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Calamity Not From God Today Despite Isaiah 45:7

A while back I wrote an article explaining that God does not bring calamity. In response to that article, people keep bringing up Isaiah 45:7 over there in comments of that post. However it is a fair question because Isaiah 45:7 certainly appears to directly contradict what I’ve said in that article: I form the

Is God Thankful?

Is God Thankful? Answering the Question

Is God thankful? Have you ever thought about the question? Throughout the Bible we are encouraged, exhorted and instructed to be thankful. Twenty six times in the Psalms alone we are encouraged to give thanks. The Old Testament saints were constantly stopping to present offerings to the Lord to give him thanks for victories in


God Does Not Cause Tornadoes

It is amazing to me how many people believe God is responsible for everything that happens in our world, both good and bad. Every time some major natural disaster happens, such as the tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma this week, I see people accusing God of inflicting horrible tragedy on people. They don’t realize

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Did You Know that God is Slow to Anger?

There are a lot of people who think that God is angry at mankind. These folks are always quick to pounce anytime a major disaster strikes and pronounce that it’s the result of God’s judgement. You can look at the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, various tsunamis, even the 9/11 attacks and see even prominent Christians

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Seeing God’s Character

There are a ton of ideas out there about what God is like. From the dawn of time mankind has been pondering the question of whether or not God exists,  and if He does, what He is like. I’ve been in many conversations with people about what God is like. Usually those folks have some

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