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Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum are growing more popular. They are now a legitimate means of exchange with a few corporations and even banks beginning to honor cryptocurrency transactions, particularly via Bitcoin.

Now, NewCREEations can receive cryptocurrency donations of Bitcoin and more than two dozen other coins. If you would like to donate some, you can use the form below.

When you do, your cryptocurrency donation is immediately converted to US dollars (USD) at the current market price and the dollar amount is sent to NewCREEations, less a modest processing fee. You will be sent a giving receipt for the amount of the donation based on the contact information you enter in the form.

Please note: If you choose to give anonymously, then we cannot provide you with a giving statement for that donation. Anonymous cryptocurrency giving truly is anonymous to us.

We use the third party service Engiven to process these cryptocurrency donations. Their service is very similar to the third party service we use to process traditional donations in that they charge a modest processing fee for each donation transaction. If cryptocurrency is not your thing, you can partner with us here instead.

If you’re new with Bitcoin, here is a good basic introduction.

Finally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is the donation form:

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