About Those Product Donation Amounts

Why does the price label say, “Set Your Donation”?
NewCREEations is about advancing the Kingdom of God. Therefore in some ways we operate a little differently than other organizations often do.

For example, the world operates in a system of buying and selling. The Kingdom of God operates in a different system, one of giving and receiving. It’s a free will system, rather than a transaction system.

One of the ways this difference shows up is in how we offer our products to the public. We don’t charge a price for folks to buy our products. Instead we give our products to folks. At the same time we allow folks to set the amount they would like to give us as a donation when they receive one of our products.

Let’s face it, even though our ministry is focused on manifesting the Kingdom of God in our world, we still are operating in the world and in the world’s system. That means it requires money to do the work of the ministry. Pretty much everything we do costs us money. This includes things like web hosting, email providers, office equipment, postage, travel to speaking engagements… you name it. Ministry costs money.

That’s why we give people an opportunity to donate when they receive one of our products. You can donate most any amount you like. Obviously we hope that every product we offer provides real value to those who receive it. So it is our hope that people see that value and are willing to give a little too as they receive.

Even so, we appreciate that there are those who simply cannot, or will not, give anything. That’s their choice. Fortunately NewCREEations has generous partners who are happy to give specifically to enable us to serve these folks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an amount already in the product donate field?

We put a number in that field simply as a suggestion. You are welcome to change it as you see fit.

Can I really give nothing and still receive the product?

Yes. You can put a 0 in the donation field and give nothing. You will still get the same access to download your product as anyone who gives any amount.

What’s the maximum amount I can give?

We like the way you think! We have yet to see a problem because someone gave us too much. You should be good.

I would like to partner with NewCREEations every month instead of giving a one-time gift. How do I do that?

You can start a partnership via the form on our Partner With Us page. You can chose to setup a recurring monthly partnership there. We also have set up a number of different currencies there in our partnership area if you would prefer to donate in your local currency instead of in US dollars.

I received a product that really blessed me and now I would like to give back. What’s the best way to do that?

Again, the best thing to do in that case is to head over to our Partner With Us section and give either a one-time gift or a monthly partnership. Please use the note section of that form to let us know how you were blessed by our product(s).

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