Church Websites: How to Communicate the Gospel Effectively in a Social Media World

Church Websites: How to Communicate the Gospel Effectively in a Social Media World

Learn how to reach more people online with your ministry’s message using a time tested strategic approach. Chris spent a decade building websites and social media strategies for hundreds of clients of all sizes. He shares all those strategies and tactics in this book.

In addition he shares the best tools to use to give your ministry the most opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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Church leaders today are far too busy to waste precious time and money on ineffective websites and fruitless online activity. Church Websites is a book for those ministers which explains how things work in the online world in simple language. This book explains the “why” behind the various online activities so ministers can focus their resources on the right things for maximum effectiveness.

It doesn’t matter that you are doing things right if you aren’t doing the right things. Once you know the right things to do, figuring out how to do those things right is much easier. Church Websites will help you know the right things.

The tools change. But the principles stay consistent. Specific techniques come and go. But the general strategies that work are still the same as they have always been. When it comes to building an audience online, the same overarching principles are true now that were true when I wrote my first blog post back in 2005.

This book lays out a proven strategy for your church or ministry to reach more people online through both your website and social media based on my first-hand experience working with a wide variety of clients for more than a decade. My first freelance client was a parachurch ministry. Over the years I’ve worked with everything from small churches up through large corporate clients and major universities. Not only do these concepts work for all of those types of organizations, but they are also exactly how we continue to reach more people with our own international ministry.

Church Websites will help you be more successful by showing you the important stuff to focus on so you don’t waste a lot of time.

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Church Websites is also available on Amazon and in the Apple Bookstore.

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