Sharable Graphics – Set 02

Sharable Graphics – Set 02

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Build the social media presence for your ministry with these Biblically themed sharable graphic images. This set of 30 sharable graphics is optimized for sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Sharable graphics for use with your ministry’s social media profiles are time consuming and expensive to produce. This is especially true for higher quality images that people actually engage with by sharing, commenting, and liking, etc.

We know the amount of work involved because we create these sharable graphics for our own ministry every day. We want to bless your ministry and help you get more exposure. Then more people will be positively impacted by your ministry for the Kingdom of God.

Therefore we are now making these sharable graphic images available for people and organizations to use. In fact, they are the exact same images we use at NewCREEations to reach more people on social media. The only difference is that we’ve removed our branding for you. You can see them in use on our Facebook page.

Click the image main product image above to see an overview of the sharable graphics included with this set.

  • Set contains 30 high quality Biblically themed graphic images.
  • Each image is 1800 pixels wide by 1800 pixels high (square).
  • These optimized images are perfect for sharing on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • All graphics are unbranded — you can share them as-is, or add your own logo to them before you share.
  • Backgrounds of all images are either royalty free images, or our own in-house photography.

You may share these images how you like, with the one stipulation that you do not sell them to others in any format.

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