Andrew Sharp - Keep Looking to Jesus video cover

Andrew Sharp: Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

The Bible encourages us to fix our eyes on Jesus, but how do we do that? How did the early Christians under extreme pressure focus on Jesus alone. Join us for this broadcast where Andrew Sharp joins host Chris Cree to look at the issues facing believers in the first century and discover how despite today’s troubles we can still stand firm looking unto Jesus.

Andrew Sharp: Living Together in the Kingdom

Andrew Sharp: Living Together in the Kingdom

After the resurrection of Jesus, members of the newly found church held everything in common! Was this an ideal for that day or are their principles for Kingdom believers to enjoy today? That’s the question Chris Cree and Andrew Sharp will explore as they delve into the characteristics of the Kingdom lifestyle described in Acts 2:42-47.

Andrew Sharp - Overcoming Discouragement video cover

Andrew Sharp: Overcoming Discouragement

We’ve all been let down, but how do you keep your dreams alive and avoid discouragement? How do you keep pursuing your calling when all seems against you? In this week’s Two for Tuesday, Andrew Sharp joins host, Chris Cree, to discover how to keep your faith strong even in the face of bitter disappointment.

Andrew Sharp - Kingdom Authority video cover

Andrew Sharp: Kingdom Authority

We don’t need to go to heaven to experience the benefits of living in God’s Kingdom today! But what does that Kingdom look like and how can we extend its influence in today’s society? This week Andrew Sharp joins our broadcast from Scotland with host Chris Cree.

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