Shawn McKay - the power of your words video cover

Shawn McKay: The Power of Your Words

The Bible reveals some amazing things about the words we speak as believers. This week Shawn McKay joins host Chris Cree to talk about the power of our words and what that means on a practical level for each one of us as followers of Jesus.

Andrew Sharp - Kingdom Authority video cover

Andrew Sharp: Kingdom Authority

We don’t need to go to heaven to experience the benefits of living in God’s Kingdom today! But what does that Kingdom look like and how can we extend its influence in today’s society? This week Andrew Sharp joins our broadcast from Scotland with host Chris Cree.

Authority Power and Choices video cover

Authority, Power, and Choices

People tend to misunderstand the fact that an all powerful God allows horribly bad things happening as evidence that He doesn’t exist.

NewCREEations Podcast

God Is Not In The Destruction Business – Episode 5

There is a faulty assumption out there that God is in control of everything that happens in this world, including both the good things and the bad things. But the truth is that God is not the only force working in this world.

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