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Byron & Leesa Hamilton: Grace and Lawlessness

Join us for a special Two for Tuesday discussion this week as both Byron and Leesa Hamilton join host Chris Cree to talk about lawlessness, what it is, why it seems to be on the increase, and how the message of God’s unconditional love and grace factors in.

Byron Hamilton video cover

Byron Hamilton: The Testimony of Four Witnesses

Join Chris for our Two for Tuesday broadcast this week as he hosts guest Byron Hamilton who will share some powerful truths from the four Gospels. You will have a very biased view of any situation if you only have one witness. The more testimonials you can gather from eye-witnesses, the more accurate your understanding will be of what actually took place. And so God gave us four recorded witnesses to the life and ministry of Jesus.

Byron Hamilton video cover

Byron Hamilton: How God’s Kingdom Brings Success

In our Two for Tuesday broadcast this week, guest Byron Hamilton shares God’s secret for success in the Kingdom of God. Join us as Byron shows us what that success looks like in the lives of people in both the Old and New Testaments.

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