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Rich Van Winkle: God is a Covenant Keeping God

Covenants are a vital to how God relates to us through Jesus. Understanding covenants gives us revelation into the power of God’s promises. Join us today as Pastor Rich Van Winkle joins host Chris Cree to talk about covenants and how they are tied to God’s blessing in our lives.

Declaration of Independence

Contracts vs. Covenants – Why the Difference Matters

One of the big problems today in our culture today is that we think only in terms of contracts and never covenants. In Covenant People I explained the difference between them. The Difference To recap from that post: With a contract, if one agreeing party does something in violation of the contract then it is


Covenant People

My earlier post explaining that God does NOT bring calamity has stimulated some questions. That makes sense because it is a huge topic. Not only does it cover a wide ranging area, but is is also critical in understanding who God is and how we relate to him. Today, in an effort to begin shedding

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