Epic Conversations - The enemy's real mission video cover

Epic Conversations – The Enemy’s Real Mission Against You

Do you know what the enemy’s real mission is against you? In this episode, Chris unveils the hidden schemes used by our adversary to steal, kill, and destroy your life. You will be enlightened as Chris shares the best antidotes Jesus has to defeat our ruthless foe! The victory is ours. Watch this and find out more!

Diane Grubis - Thought About Being Rich video cover

Diane Grubis – Have You Thought About Being Rich?

Our minds are far more powerful than many folks appreciate. Our thoughts have a tremendous impact on the results we see in our lives. Diane Grubis joins host Chris Cree to talk about the power of our thinking as it relates to our finances.

Diane Grubis: Poverty vs. Prosperity Mindsets video cover

Diane Grubis: Poverty vs. Prosperity Mindsets

Jesus revealed a great many truths in His parable of the talents. This week Diane Grubis joins host Chris Cree to share what Jesus revealed about different mindsets in this parable.

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