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How to See Many Amazing Names of God

Back in the Bible days a person’s name usually said something about that person’s character or destiny. This is why the many names of God are vitally important for us to see and understand. Each name of God reveals something about His character. At the same time, God’s names show us many different ways in

Proverbs 10:22

True Wealth Comes From God – Proverbs 10:22

Since we are the blessed of the Lord, He makes us rich without sorrow. The Amplified Version adds, “neither does toil increase it.” No amount of hard work on our part will ever add to God’s blessing or make it any better.

Psalms 29:3

God is Still on His Throne – Psalms 29:3

We need the right amount of water in our lives. With too little water our crops fail and we die of dehydration. Yet too much water causes destruction and we can drown. No matter how much rain falls in our lives God is still on the throne and we can turn to Him.

NewCREEations Podcast

God Is Not In The Destruction Business – Episode 5

There is a faulty assumption out there that God is in control of everything that happens in this world, including both the good things and the bad things. But the truth is that God is not the only force working in this world.

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