Bryan Nutman - The Father's Love video cover

Bryan Nutman: Affirmation of The Father’s Heart

God is love. There are seasons in our believer’s journey when we can see that love ever so clearly. Yet world and the enemy work hard to obscure our vision of God’s love for us. Bryan Nutman shares with host Chris Cree about the love of the Father and how vital it is for each of us to walk in that love.

Chris & Lisa Cree: Faith Working Through Love video cover

Chris & Lisa Cree: Faith Working Through Love

A revelation of God’s love for us is vital for our faith to be effective. It’s even more important that what we do to show our love for God. This week Chris & Lisa Cree share about the Father’s love for us and how that love affects our faith.

Lisa Mahan: Barriers Blocking Our Kingdom Growth video cover

Lisa Mahan: Barriers Blocking Our Kingdom Growth

There are a great many barriers to prevent us from stepping into the God-given vision we have for our lives. Yet one obstacle is the foundation the others are built on. This week Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree to talk about that big barrier and how to overcome it.

Seeing God's Character video cover

Seeing God’s Character

Many people have rejected God because they have twisted ideas of who He is. Our job as Christians is to share God with people as He is, in all His goodness.

Pikes Peak at Dawn

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

My wife loves the Hallmark channel on TV because of all the feel-good movies they show. Even though I hate to admit it, I kind of like it too. It seems like they show non-stop Christmas movies all December long leading up to Christmas. Though I gotta say towards the end there I was getting

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