Rich Van Winkle - Covenant God video cover

Rich Van Winkle: God is a Covenant Keeping God

Covenants are a vital to how God relates to us through Jesus. Understanding covenants gives us revelation into the power of God’s promises. Join us today as Pastor Rich Van Winkle joins host Chris Cree to talk about covenants and how they are tied to God’s blessing in our lives.

Teresa Houghteling - Don't Quit video cover

Teresa Houghteling: Don’t Quit!

God never promised that life would be easy. But He does make promises about us getting through and overcoming. Join us this week as Teresa Houghteling and host Chris Cree talk about some of God’s encouraging promises to us during challenging times.

God's Escape Hatch video cover

God’s Escape Hatch From Worldly Problems

God provided a way for every believer to escape the corruption of this world. It’s available to every single follower of Jesus right now, regardless of when Jesus returns.

By Grace Through Faith cover image

By Grace Through Faith

God does not act in our lives by grace alone. It’s not all of God and none of us. Nor are can we act independently of God and expect to see much fruit in our lives. Instead, God moves by grace through faith. That means we each have some responsibility when it comes to receiving from Him.

Sunrise in Town

Seek God Beyond His Promises

The other day I had a conversation with a friend of mine and we got to talking about a mutual friend of ours who has been dealing with some health issues lately. He’s in the midsts of a battle that is common to so many of us. Even when we understand that God indeed wants

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