Chris and Lisa Cree: Which Tree? video cover

Chris & Lisa Cree: Which Tree?

God planted two significant trees in the Garden of Eden. The original sin was eating from the wrong tree. Unfortunately, many continue eating from that tree, even after coming to know Jesus. Today Chris & Lisa Cree talk about these two trees and how we can partake of the Tree of Life in our daily lives.

Chris and Lisa Cree

UK Trip Update from Dumfries, Scotland

Greetings From Dumfries Scotland! Our trip to the UK started on May 19th and we landed in London. We then we picked up at the airport by Lee Collingwood, pastor of Tree of Life Church in Croydon, England. We headed to beautiful Guildford for two nights and enjoyed seeing this lovely city and had the

Basic Food Relief

Our Good Actions Alone Are Not Enough

As Christians we tend to get things backwards much of the time. It’s only natural, I guess. We spend our whole lives in this natural world with its natural laws. It’s easy to lose sight of how often God’s Kingdom works exactly the opposite way things in the natural world work. And that’s assuming we

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