Lisa Cree: How to Eliminate Worry video cover

Lisa Cree: How to Eliminate Worry

Worry causes emotional harm, disrupts our thinking, and even causes physical problems in lives. This is why Jesus instructed us not to worry. Today Chris and Lisa Cree share how we can choose to eliminate worry from our lives.

You Can't Not Think video cover

You Can’t Not Think About Something

It’s impossible for us to not think about something because our brains are not wired to be empty. That creates a problem for us to move beyond all the stuff we are prone to worry about. Fortunately, the Bible reveals the perfect solution to this conundrum.

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Lori Snyder: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Your heart is the single biggest factor that determines how far you go in life. It’s even bigger than any external force or circumstance you might find yourself in. Join us this week as Lori Snyder joins host Chris Cree and they talk about critical heart issues that can hold you back from reaching your destiny.

NewCREEations Podcast

Above Your Pay Grade – Episode 21

You were never meant to worry about things. Your body isn’t designed to cope with that. Fortunately the Bible has a solution so we now let go of worry!

NewCREEations Podcast

How Not to Worry – Episode 20

If you struggle with worry then Philippians chapter 4 is the place you want to go in the Bible. It lays out a process to eradicate worry from our lives completely.

NewCREEations Podcast

Practical Lesson in Not Worrying – Episode 19

Sometimes things go differently than we plan. Even when that happens we can trust God to sort out the details and turn our lemons into sweet lemonade. That’s a whole lot better than worrying about stuff.

NewCREEations Podcast

We Shouldn’t Worry – Episode 18

Worrying has massive negative affects on us physically and mentally with absolutely no positive benefits whatsoever. We need to stop the worry in our lives.


Be Anxious For Nothing – How to Find Peace

As human beings we were not designed to have to be anxious, or even deal with stress. God created mankind for a worry free environment in the Garden of Eden. Adam was made to work the Garden and walk with God in the cool of the day in a totally stress free environment. It was

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