Psalms 35:9

Stir Yourself Up In Worship – Psalms 35:9

There are times when we have to stir up our own emotions and make ourselves worship God even though we don’t feel like it. Remember, your spirit is rejoicing even when your soul is filled with negative emotions. So tap into that and be joyful!

Psalms 100:2

Enter His Presence With Singing – Psalms 100:2

We are already seated with Him in heavenly places in our spirit as part of the New Covenant. Since we’re already in His presence we’ve already entered it. We live there! We just need to let that out from within our spirits so we can bring God’s presence to this hurting world.

True worship Bible sunrise

True Worship Needs Both Spirit and Truth

One fine day Jesus has an incredibly deep conversation with a woman beside a well. The conversation starts with talking about water – they are at a well, after all. Then it ranges through the woman’s own personal moral history before closing with something that is truly profound. Here is what Jesus says. But the

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