Rich Van Winkle - Father's Friend video cover

Rich Van Winkle: Friendship with God

How do you view your relationship with God? There are a whole host of ways to answer that question. Today Pastor Rich Van Winkle joins host Chris Cree to talk about what it means to have friendship with God and what the Bible has to say about it.

Chris & Lisa Cree: Responding to God's Call video cover

Chris & Lisa Cree: Responding to God’s Call

God has a call on your life in line with His good plans for your future. How you respond to that call has a massive impact on your ultimate destiny. Today, Lisa and Chris Cree share some practical things when it comes to responding to the call of God.

Lisa Mahan - Persistent Peace video cover

Lisa Mahan: Persistent Peace

Anything outside of God that we go to or rely on for peace will not last. Allowing God’s persistent peace to prevail will always result in wholeness and longevity. His peace also keeps us steadfast and moving forward. Today Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree to share some practical things can we do to hold fast to God’s peace.

Bryan Nutman - The Father's Love video cover

Bryan Nutman: Affirmation of The Father’s Heart

God is love. There are seasons in our believer’s journey when we can see that love ever so clearly. Yet world and the enemy work hard to obscure our vision of God’s love for us. Bryan Nutman shares with host Chris Cree about the love of the Father and how vital it is for each of us to walk in that love.

Lori Snyder - Power of Hope video cover

Lori Snyder: The Power of Hope – Key to a Thriving Life

The disappointments and challenges of life can be overwhelming and tempt us to despair. Hope in God’s promises sustains us during these times. This week Lori Snyder joins host Chris Cree to talk about the importance of hope and how it keeps us from feeling stuck, lost, or unable to find strength to trust God and move forward in faith.

Gabriel's Gospel Grace - Sovereignty of God video cover

Gabriel’s Gospel Grace – Theology Thursday – Sovereignty of God

Join me on Gabriel’s Gospel Grace as we discuss Sovereignty of God. So many blame God for horrible evil without realizing He is not actively in control of everything. They often look to the book of Job to reinforce this view of God. Let’s look at what the Bible says about that and see if God really is in control.

Gabriel Natzel - New Vision Old Dreams video cover

Gabriel Natzel: Leadership – New Visions Cannot Fit Into Old Dreams

When God gives us a vision for an assignment, we do well to resist the temptation to adjust that vision to fit into the model of what we’ve already done before, or to fit the views, feelings, or exceptions of others. Gabriel Natzel joins host Chris Cree to discussion the importance of putting our faith in the Lord and looking to Him for leadership in the creation of that new vision.

Danon Winter: Freedom in Christ video cover

Danon Winter: Freedom in Christ

Jesus repeatedly declared that He was setting free captives and those who are oppressed. This Independence Day Danon Winter joins host Chris Cree to talk about the freedom we have in Christ and what that means for us today.

Shawn McKay - the power of your words video cover

Shawn McKay: The Power of Your Words

The Bible reveals some amazing things about the words we speak as believers. This week Shawn McKay joins host Chris Cree to talk about the power of our words and what that means on a practical level for each one of us as followers of Jesus.

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