Lisa Mahan - Persistent Peace video cover

Lisa Mahan: Persistent Peace

Anything outside of God that we go to or rely on for peace will not last. Allowing God’s persistent peace to prevail will always result in wholeness and longevity. His peace also keeps us steadfast and moving forward. Today Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree to share some practical things can we do to hold fast to God’s peace.

Lisa Cree: How to Eliminate Worry video cover

Lisa Cree: How to Eliminate Worry

Worry causes emotional harm, disrupts our thinking, and even causes physical problems in lives. This is why Jesus instructed us not to worry. Today Chris and Lisa Cree share how we can choose to eliminate worry from our lives.

Teresa Houghteling True Strength of the Believer video cover

Teresa Houghteling: True Strength of the Believer

Strength is important to believers as one of the weapons of our warfare. But what does that strength look like for us today? What does it mean to be “strong in the Lord” and how do we do it? This week Teresa Houghteling joins host Chris Cree as they talk about this important topic.

You Can't Not Think video cover

You Can’t Not Think About Something

It’s impossible for us to not think about something because our brains are not wired to be empty. That creates a problem for us to move beyond all the stuff we are prone to worry about. Fortunately, the Bible reveals the perfect solution to this conundrum.

How to Find Peace video cover

How to Find Peace in Difficult Times

As believers, we have the perfect peace of Jesus available to us, regardless of how chaotic the world gets around us. And the world certainly is a chaotic place right now! The Bible lays out how we can set worry aside and experience God’s perfect peace right now, even with all the craziness around us.

Romans 14:19

Seek Peace Not Strife – Romans 14:19

Christians spend far too much time tearing down one another and highlighting disagreements. Instead we should focus on those common things which promote peace.


Be Anxious For Nothing – How to Find Peace

As human beings we were not designed to have to be anxious, or even deal with stress. God created mankind for a worry free environment in the Garden of Eden. Adam was made to work the Garden and walk with God in the cool of the day in a totally stress free environment. It was

Angels tell shepherds of Jesus in Bethlehem

The Greatest Christmas Gift

Gift giving is a huge part of Christmas. I know that many struggle with how overwhelming commercialism can get, especially around Christmastime. Even so, when I look at the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ birth it seems to me that our tradition of giving gifts to one another as part our celebration is altogether fitting. Wise

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