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Shawn McKay: How to Discover Your Purpose

God intends for every believer to live a purposeful life of meaning. But how do we know what purpose God has for us? On our Two for Tuesday broadcast this week, host Chris Cree talks with Shawn McKay about how each of us can discover that purpose God intends to uniquely fulfill each of us….
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Leesa Hamilton video cover

Leesa Hamilton: The New Wineskin Church

Sometimes, as believers, the way we do things can change over time, even though the truth of the gospel remains unchanging. On our Two for Tuesday broadcast this week, Leesa Hamilton joins host Chris Cree to talk about how we come together as a local body of Christ, and ways that might be changing.
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Byron Hamilton video cover

Byron Hamilton: The Testimony of Four Witnesses

Join Chris for our Two for Tuesday broadcast this week as he hosts guest Byron Hamilton who will share some powerful truths from the four Gospels. You will have a very biased view of any situation if you only have one witness. The more testimonials you can gather from eye-witnesses, the more accurate…

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Chance Galloway video cover

Chance Galloway: Two Kinds of Love

God has a very different view of love than the world does. Join us for our Two for Tuesday broadcast this week as Chris hosts Chance Galloway, who will share about two radically different kinds of love.
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Two for Tuesday video cover Teresa Houghteling

Teresa Houghteling: Why Isn’t This Working?

On our inaugural Two for Tuesday broadcast, Teresa Houghteling joins host Chris Cree to talk about the answer to what is perhaps the most common question believers have today. The solution to this problem is simpler than you might think.
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