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Lisa Mahan - Perceptions video cover

Lisa Mahan: Perceptions Matter

How we think and view the world, ourselves and others impacts every part of our lives and can either keep us stuck or move us forward. God’s strategy for believers is that we think with Him. Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree to share how to shift our perspective to see things in line with…
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Chris & Lisa Cree - Thanksgiving video cover

Chris & Lisa Cree: Talking About Thanksgiving

Did you know that thankfulness has a big impact on how we experience God and the world around us? Today Chris and Lisa Cree talk about thankfulness, why it’s so vital for us to have a thankful heart, and how we can find thankfulness regardless of whatever horrible circumstances the world brings our way.
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Epic Conversations Divine Connections Lisa Cree

Epic Conversations – The Value of Divine Connections

Lisa has a ministry secret that she’d like to share with you! Have you ever visited Finland, Germany, and Scotland? Chris and Lisa have, and they were so fulfilled ministering to precious people in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Lisa tells of their adventures with the Lord as they were led by the Holy…
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Byron Mills Living Word video cover

Byron Mills: When God’s Word Comes Alive In You

There is a world of difference between reading words on the pages of the Bible and having those words come alive in you. Byron Mills joins host Chris Cree to unpack the difference between the written logos word of God and the living rhema word of God.
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Theology Thursday - Covenant Promises of God video cover

Theology Thursday – Covenant Promises of God

Chris discusses the Covenants of God and how covenant makes a different in our lives. The First covenant was made with Noah and given the sign of the 7 colour Rainbow. The 2nd made with Abraham and then the 3rd with Moses and the Law. Then came the New covenant through Christ with the sign…
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Teresa Houghteling - He Healed Them All! video cover

Teresa Houghteling: He Healed Them All!

Do you feel there might be something disqualifying you from receiving supernatural healing directly from Jesus? If so, today’s episode is for you! Teresa Houghteling joins host Chris Cree to talk about receiving supernatural healing from Jesus and the things that might disqualify us from receiving.
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Two's Day Marriage Covenant with Chris & Lisa Cree video cover

Two’s Day – Marriage Covenant with Chris & Lisa Cree

At a time when Marriage is being relegated to a piece of paper and the worlds media and entertainments industries celebrate everything that stands against the sanctity of marriage; the world is waking up to the truth that lust and passion do not compensate for the spiritual union ordained by God as a blessing in…
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Epic Conversations - The enemy's real mission video cover

Epic Conversations – The Enemy’s Real Mission Against You

Do you know what the enemy’s real mission is against you? In this episode, Chris unveils the hidden schemes used by our adversary to steal, kill, and destroy your life. You will be enlightened as Chris shares the best antidotes Jesus has to defeat our ruthless foe! The victory is ours. Watch this and find…
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Andrew Sharp - Keep Looking to Jesus video cover

Andrew Sharp: Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

The Bible encourages us to fix our eyes on Jesus, but how do we do that? How did the early Christians under extreme pressure focus on Jesus alone. Join us for this broadcast where Andrew Sharp joins host Chris Cree to look at the issues facing believers in the first century and discover how despite…
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Lori Snyder Better Than Miracles video cover

Lori Snyder: Even Better Than Miracles

Experiencing God working supernatural miracles on our behalf is incredibly exciting. Yet God has something even better for all of us. Lori Snyder joins host Chris Cree to share how you can move beyond miracles and experience the very best God is offering you today.
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