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Think on These Things video cover

Think on These Things

The Bible reveals the importance of focusing our attention on positive things. In fact, scripture gives us a list of eight specific things for us to meditate on. Our lives will improve dramatically when we make more time to think on these things, and give ourselves less time worrying about all the negative stuff in…
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You Can't Not Think video cover

You Can’t Not Think About Something

It’s impossible for us to not think about something because our brains are not wired to be empty. That creates a problem for us to move beyond all the stuff we are prone to worry about. Fortunately, the Bible reveals the perfect solution to this conundrum.
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Many Called. Few Chosen. video cover

Chris & Lisa Cree: Many Called. Few Chosen.

What did Jesus mean when He said, “many are called, but few are chosen”? On this week’s Two for Tuesday broadcast, Chris & Lisa Cree explore what the Bible reveals about how we are chosen by God. This Kingdom principle is a huge factor when it comes to us reaching the destiny God has planned…
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How to Find Peace video cover

How to Find Peace in Difficult Times

As believers, we have the perfect peace of Jesus available to us, regardless of how chaotic the world gets around us. And the world certainly is a chaotic place right now! The Bible lays out how we can set worry aside and experience God’s perfect peace right now, even with all the craziness around us.
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The Difference Between Faith and Belief viddo cover

The Difference Between Faith and Belief

While faith and belief are closely related, many people don’t realize that they are not the same. Understanding the difference between faith and belief reveals a simple way to build up more faith in our lives so that the supernatural Kingdom of God becomes part of our practical everyday experience.
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Lisa McKay How to Give God's Way video cover

Lisa McKay: How to Give God’s Way

The Kingdom of God operates on a system of giving and receiving. Even so, the way the world gives is different from how it’s done in the Kingdom of God. On this week’s broadcast, Lisa McKay joins host Chris Cree as they discuss how we give as citizens of the Kingdom.
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God Not Judging cover image

God Is Not Judging People Today

Natural disasters are not God’s judgement on people because Jesus clearly stated the Father judges no one. Jesus came to save the world, not to condemn it. The judgment happening in our world today looks very different from what many believers understand.
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You Are Worthy in Christ video cover

You Are Worthy in Christ

A great many believers don’t feel worthy of God’s blessings. They don’t feel they measure up. Some feel God is out to get them and that when bad things happen, that is God’s way of straightening them out. If you think like that, and don’t feel worthy of God’s blessing, then today’s video has both…
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Teresa Houghteling - Equiped for Warfare video cover

Teresa Houghteling: Equipped for Warfare

God has thoroughly equipped us for every spiritual battle we will encounter. This week Teresa Houghteling joins host Chris Cree to talk more about the weapons God has equipped us with. When we know our weapons, we can then chose the right ones to defeat every attack the enemy brings against us.
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Jesus is the Life

Jesus is the Life

The life that Jesus came to make available to you is far more abundant than you likely realize. His grace provides it to every believer through faith. It empowers and provisions us to accomplish every good work God puts in front of us.
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