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Teresa Houghteling: How Do You Believe in God video cover

Teresa Houghteling: How Do You Believe in God?

Faith is an integral part of following Jesus. But what does it mean to believe? This week Teresa Houghteling joins host Chris Cree to talk about our belief in God. We’ll discuss the importance of what we believe, some of the things that hinder our belief, as well as how to move into a place…
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Lisa Mahan - Time in Between video cover

Lisa Mahan: The Time In Between

Transitions are a part of life. They make up the time between seasons and can include unwanted changes. Join us this week as Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree to share about the importance of our relationship with God during transition times.
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Lisa Cree: How to Eliminate Worry video cover

Lisa Cree: How to Eliminate Worry

Worry causes emotional harm, disrupts our thinking, and even causes physical problems in lives. This is why Jesus instructed us not to worry. Today Chris and Lisa Cree share how we can choose to eliminate worry from our lives.
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Gabriel Natzel - Leaders being led video cover

Gabriel Natzel: Great Leaders Must Also Be Led

Bringing the vision God gave you to pass will require you to become the leader He made you to be. Many fail to appreciate the role submission plays in great leadership. Today Gabriel Natzel joins host Chris Cree to talk about leadership and what we can learn about the role submission plays from the lives…
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Lori Snyder - prosperous soul video cover

Lori Snyder: Soul Health Key to Thriving

The Bible connects our overall well being to the prospering of our soul. This week Lori Snyder is back with host Chris Cree to share the importance of addressing life’s disappointments, unmet expectations, and negative experiences with Kingdom mindsets because doing so enables our soul to truly prosper. Ultimately this unlocks true hope and healing…
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Danon Winter - Experiencing God's Power video cover

Danon Winter: Experiencing and Sharing God’s Power

Many feel like their lives are powerless and unable to change. Yet Jesus makes all the power of the Kingdom of God available to every believer. Today Danon Winter joins host Chris Cree to talk about how we experience the power of God, and how we can share that life-giving power with others.
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Chris & Lisa Cree: Faith Working Through Love video cover

Chris & Lisa Cree: Faith Working Through Love

A revelation of God’s love for us is vital for our faith to be effective. It’s even more important that what we do to show our love for God. This week Chris & Lisa Cree share about the Father’s love for us and how that love affects our faith.
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Lisa Mahan - Unreasonable Grace video cover

Lisa Mahan: Unreasonable Grace

God’s gift to mankind through Jesus unfairly challenges our own need to perform in order to be justified. Today Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree to talk about how God’s grace unlocks our ability to overcome the challenges life brings our way.
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Andrew Sharp - Overcoming Discouragement video cover

Andrew Sharp: Overcoming Discouragement

We’ve all been let down, but how do you keep your dreams alive and avoid discouragement? How do you keep pursuing your calling when all seems against you? In this week’s Two for Tuesday, Andrew Sharp joins host, Chris Cree, to discover how to keep your faith strong even in the face of bitter…
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Gabriel Natzel - Bold or Safe Ministry video cover

Gabriel Natzel: Safe or Bold Ministry?

Many Christians are faced with the temptation to play it safe and not take risks when it comes to sharing the love of God with others. Yet Jesus shows us the way to express His love with boldness. This week Gabriel Natzel joins host Chris Cree to share what that looks like for us today.
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