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Bryan Nutman - Power of Inheritance video cover

Bryan Nutman: The Power of Our Inheritance in Christ

Many believers misunderstand our inheritance in Christ and see it as something to look forward to in eternity. Join us as Bryan Nutman joins host Chris Cree to discuss the inheritance Jesus provides and how that benefits us both today in this life, as well as on into eternity.
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Faith Believing Speaking video cover

Powerful Faith Released by Believing and Speaking

Faith is misunderstood by many. Some assume God will plop faith in their hearts if He wants them to have it. Others try to fake it ‘till they make it. But neither of those approaches work. Instead Jesus told us how to release powerful faith when the words we say come into alignment with what…
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How We Are Transformed video cover

How We Are Transformed

Transformation in the life of a believer happens both all at once, and through a clear process over time. Part of it is automatic, and part depends on our participation to see the transformation happen. You will see far more fruitfulness and fulfillment in your life when you understand how we are transformed and actively…
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Cindy Carpenter Delusion Proof cover image

Cindy Carpenter: Delusion Proof

Deception is the single biggest weapon of the enemy. Fortunately, the Bible shows us how we can each be delusion proof in our walk with Jesus. This week Cindy Carpenter joins host Chris Cree as we talk about how you can make your life delusion proof.
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Spirit Brings Liberty video cover

The Spirit of the Lord Brings Liberty

A great many people think Christianity is a stifling list of dos and don’ts that drains all the joy out of life. Yet the Bible reveals something very different. Scripture tells us the Spirit of the Lord brings liberty. That’s radically different from a God that brings us a list of rules to follow.
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Different Economy video cover

A Different Economy in the Kingdom

As a believer, you have access to a different economy in the Kingdom of God. This means you have been provided with the means to prosper even in times like these were the world’s economy is in turmoil and everyone else is struggling.
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Lori Snyder - Heart of God video cover

Lori Snyder: The Heart of God Towards You

Did you know that each member of the Godhead — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — especially enjoys relating to you in a unique way? This week Lori Snyder joins host Chris Cree as they discuss how God desires us to know Him in a meaningful way.
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Known in Heaven and Hell video cover

Known In Heaven and Hell

When we believed in Jesus we became citizens of a new Kingdom. That new citizenship brings with it certain recognition that unbelievers don’t have. As a believer your name is written in heaven and they know who you are there. At the same time, the Bible tells us the demons know who the believers are…
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By Grace Through Faith cover image

By Grace Through Faith

God does not act in our lives by grace alone. It’s not all of God and none of us. Nor are can we act independently of God and expect to see much fruit in our lives. Instead, God moves by grace through faith. That means we each have some responsibility when it comes to receiving…
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Byron Mills Two for Tuesday video cover

Byron Mills: How We Get Wisdom and Revelation Knowledge

This week Pastor Byron Mills joins host Chris Cree to share about wisdom and revelation knowledge. They will discuss why God wants us to operate in a spirit of wisdom and revelation knowledge and share how we receive more of these valuable Kingdom tools to equip us for an overcoming life.
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