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God's Grace Empowers Us video cover

God’s Grace Empowers Us

God’s grace empowers you to take action. The action we take in response to God’s grace releases our faith, and makes God’s grace effective in our lives. Passivity is receiving God’s grace in vain. Scripture makes this connection between God’s grace and our faith very clear.
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Cindy Carpenter - Other Side of the Cross video cover

Cindy Carpenter: The Other Side of the Cross

The Bible tells us we are a new creation in Christ. What does that mean? What changes when we are made new? Join us this week as Pastor Cindy Carpenter and host Chris Cree discuss the radical transformation in our lives resulting from the finished work of Jesus on the cross.
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Problem with Passivity video cover

The Problem with Passively Waiting on God

Passivity is a disease which is crippling the Body of Christ. As a result, a great many believers are passively sitting back and waiting for God to show up and do stuff on their behalf. Yet even when the Bible talks about waiting on the Lord, it is not endorsing passivity. In truth, those who…
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Your Mindset Matters video cover

Your Mindset Matters

Our mindset and what we believe in our heart has infinitely more bearing on the course of our lives than any external factor such as the color of our skin, our economic status, the country we were born into, and so on. In truth, the mindsets you hold in your heart will determine how far…
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Lisa Mahan - Hear God Directly video cover

Lisa Mahan: You Can Hear Directly From God

Did you know that God is interested in you and in your everyday life? He is. And because God cares about you, that means you can hear His voice clearly for yourself. This week Lisa Mahan joins host Chris Cree as they discuss how each of us can hear God’s voice today as believers.
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Predestined God is in Control video cover

Does Predestined Mean God is in Control?

There are three key passages where Paul uses the word predestined which are often used as evidence to support the theology that God is in control and arbitrarily deciding the eternal fate of every person. Does that view hold up when we take a closer look at those passages?
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Potter and Clay video cover

Potter and the Clay

Many interpret Paul’s reference to the potter and the clay saying the clay does not have power over the potter to mean God is in control and arbitrarily decides everything which happens in the affairs of men. Yet when we look at the account of the potter and clay God showed the prophet Jeremiah, we…
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Teresa Houghteling Not Alone in the Fight video cover

Teresa Houghteling: You Are Not Alone In Your Fight

Too many Christians feel alone in their fight, but God is always with us. Not only that, but He provides weapons for us to use in the fight, especially His wisdom. This week Teresa Houghteling joins host Chris Cree to share what this looks like and encourage us that we are not alone in our…
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Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart video cover

Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart

Some interpret Paul’s reference to hardening Pharaoh’s heart as evidence that God is in control of what happens here on earth. Yet when we look back to the account in Exodus with an eye to see, we find a pattern of progression entirely inconsistent with God arbitrarily deciding in advance to harden Pharaoh’s heart.
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Jacob, Esau, and God cover image

Jacob, Esau, and God

What did Paul mean when he said God loved Jacob but hated Esau? Many interpret that to mean God is in control and arbitrarily decides whom He will bless and from whom He will withhold His blessing. But when we look deeper into the scriptures we see Paul was getting at something entirely different from…
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