Pikes Peak at Sunset

What is Faith and Why Don’t You See More Miracles?

Faith is misunderstood by far too many people today. It’s unfortunate to say the least. Our misunderstanding of what faith is (and is not) keeps us paralyzed and trapped in mediocrity. The Importance of Faith Faith is one of the things that Jesus praised people for repeatedly throughout his ministry. Jesus was attracted to people

Cross in the Sky

Everyone Believes Something

Recently I heard someone say, I prefer not to “believe” anything. I like to know…..or accept I don’t know until I do know. That sounded silly to me even though on the face of things it sounds rational and wise. I mean, I prefer to make decisions based on the best possible evidence. I don’t

Capital Lightning

Authority, Power and Choices

I’m rereading The Believer’s Authority by Andrew Wommack. The book is subtitled “What you didn’t learn in church.” And that’s a pretty accurate description. At least it is in my case, anyway. Upsetting People This book upsets some folks. I suspect it is because people see what Wommack puts forth as somehow diminishing God. But


Why is Faith a Good Thing?

I had a conversation over the holidays with my little brother. (And I say “little” purely from the perspective that he’s younger than I am. He’s about 6′ 6″!) He doesn’t see things the way I do and he asked a great question. Why is faith a good thing? I’ve been thinking about it a


Eclipsing Faith

I set my alarm for 2AM so I could get up and see the full lunar eclipse the other night. I figure something that only happens once every several hundred years was worth a little sleep deprivation. With crystal clear skies here I wasn’t disappointed. It was a spectacular shift. As the Moon passed into

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