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UK Trip Update from Dumfries, Scotland

Greetings From Dumfries Scotland! Our trip to the UK started on May 19th and we landed in London. We then we picked up at the airport by Lee Collingwood, pastor of Tree of Life Church in Croydon, England. We headed to beautiful Guildford for two nights and enjoyed seeing this lovely city and had the

Grace and Faith UK 2015

Moving Forward – Scotland Bound!

It’s been three months since you have heard from us via our blog. We came back from our last trip to the UK beginning of June and we hit the ground running. I (Lisa) work for the events department at the ministry in Woodland Park and this summer held three major conferences and another one-day

NewCREEations Facebook Screenshot

We Now Have a Facebook Page

This week marks the beginning of our new Facebook page. It’s yet another “new creation” for the ministry! 🙂 We truly live in an amazing age. Today we can reach more people with the Gospel in less time with less money than ever before in human history. Thanks to the internet and to social media

Garage Sale Beginning

Successful Fundraising Garage Sale

Our two-day trip fund raising garage sale was a great success raising $520.00 toward our trip that we will take in two weeks.   A special thank you to all who donated items and also to those who came and shopped. The weather was perfect and heaps of people showed up. Deuteronomy 28:8 says The Lord

Fountain Detail

Steps Towards Scotland

It’s been an interesting few months and now we’re moving forward in our journey to Scotland! We’re off to the UK for another Scouting Trip! A lot of things have happened in the last couple of months in our journey to Scotland and it’s time for an Update. (Well, well past time really. But here

Blue Sky Scotland

Entering Our Promised Land

We had a great time at Andrew Wommack’s ministers conference in England this week. We met some new folks and strengthened relationships with others we had met previously. Both Andrew Wommack and Bob Yandian ministered things we needed to hear. The Promised Land One of the things that Bob Yandian pointed out to us all

Scottish Field

The Journey Begins

So the journey continues! Hey everyone! We are excited to announce the launch of our ministry website and that we are headed back to the United Kingdom on October 17th. We will be spending three weeks there to “spy out the land,” so to speak, and seek the Lord for His next steps for us.

Cats in Luggage

How to Pack Luggage That Flies Through TSA Screening Without Being Opened

Did you know that how you pack your luggage can really impact whether TSA opens it to look inside or not? In fact, it’s possible to pack it in such a way that it is (almost) guaranteed to be cleared automatically without security needing to physically open the bag. Let’s look at how to do

Road Sign - Success or Failure

What Does Success Look Like?

Have you ever been on a road trip somewhere you’ve never been before and been driving along only to realize that you missed a turn a while back? Maybe you didn’t see the sign. It happened to me in Kansas City when we were moving out here to Colorado. Or maybe it was St. Louis.

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