Heated Arguement

Why Are Christians So Repulsive?

What is it that makes such a huge number of Christians so repulsive? Far too many Christians are mean, harsh, judgmental, and condemning to those around them. They can be downright cruel and come across heartless sometimes. It’s one thing for the message they carry to offend people. Unfortunately far too often the message of

Declaration of Independence

Contracts vs. Covenants – Why the Difference Matters

One of the big problems today in our culture today is that we think only in terms of contracts and never covenants. In Covenant People I explained the difference between them. The Difference To recap from that post: With a contract, if one agreeing party does something in violation of the contract then it is


Covenant People

My earlier post explaining that God does NOT bring calamity has stimulated some questions. That makes sense because it is a huge topic. Not only does it cover a wide ranging area, but is is also critical in understanding who God is and how we relate to him. Today, in an effort to begin shedding

Rescue Vehicles

God Does NOT Bring Calamity

Far too often in Christian circles we hear things like, “God brought this [sickness / disease / tragedy / judgement] to teach me and grow me.” That’s a boat load of crap. You think that’s harsh? I’m sorry. But that’s what it is. God does NOT bring calamity on us. He is NOT judging us

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