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Who Are Examples of Our Faith?

Have you ever wondered whom you should look to as a model of your Christian life? I mean the obvious super-spiritual answer is that we are to look to Jesus. And Jesus is our example. Hebrews 12:2 says we are to look to Jesus because He is the author and finisher of our faith. What

9/11 South Tower Impact

Remembering 9-11 Eleven Years Later

Eleven years ago this morning I slept in. It was also a Tuesday. I remember that because my schedule sometimes gave me a Tuesday or a Friday off. Gorgeous and I lived in Florida, up near the Georgia border north of Jacksonville. It was a bit before 9 AM when one of Gorgeous’ girlfriends called

9/11 South Tower Impact

Ten Years Later – Remembering 9/11

It’s hard to believe it was ten years ago already. Every now and then something happens that becomes a defining event for a generation. For mine it happened on that clear September morning ten years ago. That day everything changed. And yet, looking back, it seems that not enough has really changed. This is what

Japan Tsunami

Post Tsunami Message from Missionary in Japan

If you have seen any of the video coming out of Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami this past Friday you cannot help but be moved at the incredible devastation that has been wreaked on the northeastern part of their country. I know I’ve spent a bunch of time this weekend online


From a Heroes of the Faith Perspective Samson was Different

One of the fascinating things about the Bible is that it doesn’t whitewash it’s heroes. Take Samson for example. He was an impulsive, self centered, hot tempered, arrogant womanizer who doesn’t come across as all that smart. Not exactly the kind of person we might expect to have God’s favor. (You can read about Samson

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