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7 Ways Flat Earth Conspiracy Will Make You Look Silly

The flat earth conspiracy claims sinister forces perpetuate a lie about the shape of our planet. According to proponents of this theory, the earth is really a flat disk instead of a spherical globe. They claim there is a conspiracy by all the governments of this world to deceive us about the shape of the

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These 7 Poverty Pitfalls Prevent Prosperity

Do you know what causes poverty? Most people approach the question of poverty from a physical perspective and assume that lack is the cause of poverty. This view says that poverty is most often attributed to a lack of material things, a lack of education, a lack of opportunity, a lack of resources and space

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Wisdom is the Principal Thing

We need more wisdom, both in our lives and in our world. Think how different our world would be if more people like you and me had knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgement on the best way to act on that knowledge. If more of us exercised better discernment instead

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