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Charis Dumfries Logo with Scottish Flag

We Are Officially Approved For Scotland Bible College

This past week Lisa and I received official approval of our plan to launch Charis Bible College Dumfries, Scotland!! This approval from the Charis Bible College organization is a huge step forward in the process for us to get to Scotland to do the work God has called us to do. It also marks a…

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Ring BIble

The Heart of God

The heart of God towards you might shock you. God is neither angry nor disappointed with you. His heart is quite different as the Bible makes very clear.
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Grace and Faith UK 2015

Moving Forward – Scotland Bound!

It’s been three months since you have heard from us via our blog. We came back from our last trip to the UK beginning of June and we hit the ground running. I (Lisa) work for the events department at the ministry in Woodland Park and this summer held three major conferences and another one-day…

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NewCREEations Facebook Screenshot

We Now Have a Facebook Page

This week marks the beginning of our new Facebook page. It’s yet another “new creation” for the ministry! 🙂 We truly live in an amazing age. Today we can reach more people with the Gospel in less time with less money than ever before in human history. Thanks to the internet and to social media…

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