God's Escape Hatch video cover

God’s Escape Hatch From Worldly Problems

God provided a way for every believer to escape the corruption of this world. It’s available to every single follower of Jesus right now, regardless of when Jesus returns.

What does success look like video cover

What Does Success Look Like?

So many people chase after success today, only to end up disappointed and despairing at the end of their journey. As believers, it is vital for us to understand what success in the Kingdom of God looks like.

Good Works vs Dead Works video cover

Good Works vs. Dead Works

Outwardly dead works can look exactly the same as good works. According to the Bible what really matters is our heart motivation.

Sin is Not the Issue video cover

Sin is Not the Issue

One of the great lies today is that God is angry at mankind’s sin. The truth is Jesus dealt with our sin problem once and for all 2,000 years ago.

Authority Power and Choices video cover

Authority, Power, and Choices

People tend to misunderstand the fact that an all powerful God allows horribly bad things happening as evidence that He doesn’t exist.

What is Truth video cover

What is Truth?

The question of truth is not just for obscure philosophers to kick around. Truth is important for all of us and affects our everyday lives.

Seeing God's Character video cover

Seeing God’s Character

Many people have rejected God because they have twisted ideas of who He is. Our job as Christians is to share God with people as He is, in all His goodness.

God is slow to anger video cover

God Is Slow to Anger

The Bible says God is slow to anger in spite of how many Christians claim God judges the earth after a disaster. How long is slow in God’s perspective?

Guard Your Heart video cover

What Does It Mean to Guard Your Heart?

Guard your heart. That is what the Bible says. But in order to guard your heart you have to first know what it is and then what it means to protect it.

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